Frequently Asked Question

Exactly How Can I Re-Record My Songs?2019-10-09T18:21:32+00:00

Here’s what you’re most likely going to need to re-record your first track:

  1. A Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW). This is an item of software that you can use to tape-record, modify and mix your audio. 
  2. A microphone. 
  3. A microphone cable (or XLR wire).
  4. An audio interface.
Just How Are Songs Recorded?2019-10-09T18:20:25+00:00

It’s the recording that catches the tune in a style that can be listened to constantly. Tracking is the process of taping the different instruments that are used to carry out a song. Generally, a song is recorded one tune at a time. … This is the process of multi-track recording.

Exactly How Can I Videotape a Song From YouTube?2019-10-09T18:19:33+00:00

In the pop-up home window, set the input sound source as “System sound”. Play the YouTube video, back to the recorder user interface and click the red record button. While you record YouTube sound online, the software program will recognize the music info. Hit “Stop” to finish the recording, then the recorded audio moves to the target folder.

How Can Music Be Recorded?2019-10-09T18:18:46+00:00

Acoustic analog recording is attained by a microphone diaphragm that detects adjustments in atmospheric pressure triggered by acoustic sound waves as well as records them as a mechanical representation of the sound waves on a tool such as a phonograph record (in which a stylus cuts grooves on a record).

What Should You Do After Recording a Song?2019-10-09T18:18:03+00:00

Below Is What You Should do After You’re Done Creating a Song.

  1. Review. A track may seem complete, particularly if it appeared to simply flow out of you throughout one of those mentally-purging moments. 
  2. Rough-record it. 
  3. Write out  all the lyrics. 
  4. Obtain a demo- a professional demo recording. 
  5. Copyright it. 
  6. Convert as well as save your mix. 
  7. Pitch it.
What Should I Do After Writing a Song? What to Do AFTER You Have Created Your Song?2019-10-09T18:17:16+00:00
  1. Know what GENRE or STYLE you’re writing in. 
  2. Purpose your song toward a USE. 
  3. Know which modern musicians closely resemble you.
  4. Test your song with a straightforward clean demo. 
  5. Copyright your song
  6. Pitch it. 
Just How Are Songs Recorded Today?2019-10-09T18:13:28+00:00

It’s the recording that catches the song in a style that can be paid attention to continuously at will. Tracking is the process of recording the different instruments that are made of use to perform a song. Usually, a tune is recorded one track at a time.  This process is known as multi-track recording.

How Much Time Does It Take To Record A Song?2019-10-09T18:12:33+00:00

As a rough guide, the important recording of a fundamental 3-ish minute song by a four piece band (taking account of setting-up and sound-checking; however, discounting added instrumental parts/harmony vocals etc.) would take at minimum of 6-8 hours using the overdub technique and at least 3-4 hours using the live approach.

What Is The Length Of Time To Record And Mix A Song?2019-10-09T18:11:38+00:00

The typical time for mixing a major, or large independent record is 2 to 3 weeks. Yet it almost ALWAYS relies on the budget as well. Normally, a day perhaps a little more per song. If vocal adjusting and editing is needed then add a few days to that as well (for the whole record).

Do you need to write your own music to be able to go into the studio and record?2019-01-23T19:09:16+00:00

Well, you don’t have to write your own music to record music, but it sure helps a lot if you can write great songs. The music business is driven by them. If you’re a great singer/entertainer, there are many avenues to get songs to record ( i.e. publishers and songwriters) but finding hits is not an easy feat so if you can write them yourself and record your own music, the road becomes a little easier… emphasis on “a little”.

Do you provide studio musicians when recording? If so, what are the costs?2019-01-23T19:16:37+00:00

Yes, we have a pool of talented recording musicians that we’ve been working with for many years. Each player can range from 100-150 dollars per song. Lee plays many instruments, keyboards primarily, and doesn’t charge extra for recording those music tracks.

Roughly How Long Does It Takes To Record An Album?2019-10-09T17:31:42+00:00

Normally in a 6 hr studio session, the most you can do effectively is 2 songs. You can obtain a costly sound engineer who can complete the recording of your whole album in 3 days…. Or you can get a less expensive sound engineer who will take a week to record your album in proper studio quality.

What is involved in a typical music recording session?2019-01-23T19:17:23+00:00

There is no “typical” music recording session. They are all different depending on what a particular artist might need. It would also depend on what part of the process you are involved in with respect to recording music tracks.

What is the difference between a Demo, an EP and an Album?2019-01-23T19:18:16+00:00

Well that question could have a few different answers but I’ll try to explain the traditional definitions. Back in the day when the album was king, you could get about 46 minutes on an album, maybe 23 minutes per side “max” because of the physical limitations of vinyl. With the advent of the CD format, you could get a lot more material on an “album” although most record companies wouldn’t allow this because it would have cut into profits significantly. A music album today? I guess it’s whatever collection of songs someone chooses to call an album.


An EP these days it seems can contain as little as 3 songs but would usually have at least five. The term doesn’t really make any sense in a streaming, download driven marketplace other than for marketing purposes.


A demo is a very broad term and hard to quantify anymore because there are so many demos being released as “MASTERS”. It use to have to do with unions and signatory agreements with labels but there are so many non union music recordings released these days that that definition of a “demo” seems to be fading away, in my opinion.


There are also demos for artists, producers, labels and any other entity one may try to get to publish their music. Generally speaking, these would be music recordings done much cheaper and quicker than master recordings for mass consumption; although, I’ve heard many publishing demos that sound like “full blown” records. Knowing who you’re pitching demos to has a lot to do with how far into the production process these recordings should be taken.


I guess a book could be written on it but I’d rather write a song.

How can I get permission to record a song that’s already been recorded and released by an artist?2019-10-09T18:21:50+00:00

Simple, go to www.songfile.com and pay the fee!