Producer Lee Davis has an ear for chart-topping songs.
Lee’s studio delivers state-of-the-art music.

Music Production and Recording Studio in Georgia

Many music studios in Atlanta, Georgia specialize in RAP and R&B and lots of programming. Although we can certainly handle those needs, at Lee Davis Studios, we still use real drums, real pianos, real guitars and capture artists actually performing together. “Old school” can be a very creative experience.


Looking for a music studio in Georgia? Lee Davis Studios has been in the little town of Maysville, Georgia since 1986. His music production company works primarily with singer/songwriters and independent bands. Music studios in Atlanta, Georgia come and go but we’ve been here, giving Georgia music artists a boost for over 30 years.

Some of the most formative days of my music career were spent at Lee’s studio in Maysville. It’s where I learned that a studio is much more than just a place where we go to record music. It’s a space of limitless possibility where artists can explore, experiment, discover and create. Whether in the tracking room working out nuances of a vocal or guitar part or in the control room searching for a creative way to glue together a mix, Lee’s place is somewhere I’ve always been able to learn and grow. I would not be the artist, musician, or person I am today without him and the countless creative opportunities his studio made possible.

Corey Smith Album- Athens GeorgiaCorey Smith, Artist

Lee Davis is the BEST producer I have EVER worked with! He allowed me to be a true artist and have a say in every aspect of the song, vocals, and production.  He encouraged my thoughts as an artist to have a “voice”  in all aspects of completing a song, and I have never seen other producers do that. I have never in my life felt more “at home” then when I was at Lee Davis Studios. He treats you with respect and is EXTREMELY knowledgable when it comes to music, songwriting, and production. As a vocalist, I had the most fun laying down vocals with Lee Davis. He never once made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. He embraced my voice, tone, and abilities and helped me to simply just be “ME” and never once tried to make me someone else.  He brings the best out of you by allowing you to be yourself and helping you strive to become the best version of yourself. He made recording fun, and an experience I LOVED!! I have learned the most from Lee Davis, and I have the utmost respect for him and his work.

Music Recording- Haley and Alexis Roswell GaHaley Hegetschweiler, Artist

Not only did I get an incredible recording and an incredible experience when I did my albums at Lee Davis Studios but I made a lifelong friend in Producer Lee Davis.  Lee saw something in me that no one else did and he helped me become a singer-songwriter.

Kurt Thomas- atlanta georgiaKurt Thomas, Artist

I would HIGHLY recommend recording your music with Lee Davis over any other producer! He is helpful, patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about music.  He explains things to you in a way that you can understand, which really brings out the best in you as a musician and artist. Lee has not only helped me become a better singer, harmonists, songwriter, but also a better guitar player. Lee Davis knows everything there is to know when it comes to music. With a man that can play more than 10 different instruments, you can’t go wrong! Because of his talent, abilities, and ear for music, I STRONGLY believe that is why my music has become so unique and successful.

Music Production- Haley and Alexis Roswell GeorgiaAlexis Hegetschweiler, Artist

Most of my notable career as an artist was spent writing, performing, recording, and producing with Lee Davis. As life would have it and as God has deemed it to be, the music industry has called me to a different path as an artist developer, a vocal coach and producer. However, I still credit Lee Davis with having helped to weave some of the most essential fibers in the career now known as Jan Smith.

Jan Smith- Atlanta GeorgiaJan Smith, Vocal Coach, Producer, Artist Development

I am grateful to have had a number of opportunities to work with Lee Davis, as a producer, performer and studio owner. All of my experiences have been nothing short of exemplary! His guidance and leadership, along with his unbridled skill and wisdom of his craft, have been a blessing to me in my own musical journey. Not only was Lee Davis a joy to work with, but his recording studio was a great experience for me as well. Lee Davis Studios is a beautiful, state of the art recording facility, that allows an artist to sound and feel their best. For me, there is no other producer and no better studio than Lee Davis Studios!

Production Studio in Athens GeorgiaChris Love, Drummer, Songwriter- H&A


Lee Davis is a gifted musician, music producer, composer, song writer and author whose talents inspire, delight and awe his audiences. Lee Davis has been immersed in music from an early age being influenced by his mother, a classically trained vocalist. By the time he was seven, he was already playing piano for his father’s church congregations and, having saved money from delivering newspapers, he bought his first guitar and tape recorder. He was still a teenager when he began collaborating with bandleader Mark Garrison. The pair wrote, recorded and played music together at club dates and concerts throughout the Southeast for many years.

He also played in a variety of other bands in this early twenties, while continuing to hone his skills as a classical pianist and composer. Since then Lee has played piano for numerous local and national artists, some of which include John Berry, Jan Smith, Corey Smith, Ty Herndon, Chely Wright,Thompson Square, Linda Davis, Steve Cropper, Joe Diffie, Mark Collie, Billy Dean, as well as scores of other popular artists.