Musician Recording Studio Tips

How to play great in the recording studio.


One of the main things to do for a great performance in the studio is to relax. You need to be excited and super “in to the opportunity” but not to the point where you’re rushing and pissing off the drummer within the first five minutes of tracking. I really believe relaxation in playing comes primarily from knowing what you’re doing so be prepared. Learn the song inside and out. Work on alternate ways of playing the song, different inversions or positions. Producers often change things on the fly and its best to know where and what to do when the roadmap changes. Obviously, being proficient at your instrument helps a lot so, practice, practice, practice!!!


It is always good to work on your chart or music-reading skills. The Nashville Number System is something I would recommend for any musician to improve in their abilities. You can find tons of info about it on the internet and it can help you immensely as you progress as a player.


There’s also the issue of equipment being in great condition. Strings, cables, tubes; Bring extras!!! Having your intonation set perfectly on your instrument is another prerequisite. It might seem obvious but I could go on and on with stories of how the obvious often times gets overlooked and when the pressure is on is when that cheap cable will crap out; That’s just the way life works.

Recording Studio Etiquette

Keep an open mind and be nice to people. There isn’t much worse than having good creative energy sucked out of the room by a bad attitude. Call Lee Davis Studios Today to book your recording slot.